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How employers can create a better safety culture

Every business owner in Illinois who wants to create and maintain a safety-minded culture in the workplace should consider five tips, all given below. Following them can help reduce the number of workplace injuries, which means improved productivity, employee morale and employee retention. Employers can also enjoy stronger branding and a more positive image, so everyone benefits.

Construction workers face an increased risk of fatal injuries

Chicago construction workers could be facing more on-the-job hazards. While this industry is known for its inherent dangers involving heavy equipment, machinery and unfinished buildings and trenches, safety procedures can be particularly important in working to avoid catastrophic results. Despite improvements in technology, however, the number of construction workers killed on the job rose by 26 percent between 2011 and 2015. Furthermore, the number of workers killed in specific types of accidents also rose, highlighting particular points of concern.

OSHA to reduce trenching accidents

Workers in Illinois and the rest of the country who routinely work in or near trenches and excavations have a high risk of incurring injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced its plans to prioritize the reduction of excavation and trenching accidents. The agency's goals are to inform workers and employers about how cave-ins can be safely prevented and to spread awareness about the hazards trenching poses to construction workers. The agency also intends to lower the quantity of trench collapses.

Entertainment alliance seeks to prevent workplace injuries

Entertainment industry workers in Illinois and across the United States may be heartened to know that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has renewed an alliance that aims to support workplace safety in the field. As part of the alliance, OSHA will work with the United States Institute for Theatre Technology and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees to distribute relevant safety information and resources.

How employers can help older workers stay safe

Workers in Illinois and throughout the country are working later into life. Therefore, employers may need to update their workplace safety plans to account for this. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who were 55 and older accounted for roughly half of all workplace deaths in Minnesota over the past several years. Those who are aged 65 or older have higher workplace death rates than other age groups.

Tips For Doctor Visits

Doctor visits may seem like a routine thing for most people, but if you are injured at work, every doctor visit is anything but routine.  Every form you fill out, everything you tell the doctor and every movement you make can have a major impact on your claim.  The basic rules under the Workers' Compensation Act for medical care are under Section 8.

Why is an attorney useful in a workers' compensation claim?

In concept, workers' compensation seems simple. Employers are required by law to provide coverage for workers hurt on the job. In return for that, workers receiving care under a workers' compensation policy give up the right to sue the employer for the personal injury.

The basics of settling your claim.

We settle claims on a daily basis and our client's always ask us, when can I expect my money? Most people think that once they agree to a settlement offer, they will get a check within a few days. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Below are the basics of settling your claim.

Hurt At Work? Do These 3 Things First

When people call our office who have been injured at work, they often have already made several mistakes that could negatively effect their workers compensation claim.  Follow the three easy steps below to make sure your potential workers compensation claim gets off on the right foot.

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