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You can appeal a denied IL workers' compensation claim

For most of human history, there were few protections in place for workers. Employers could knowingly endanger workers and never incur any kind of penalty. Workers could sustain life-altering or even fatal injuries without any kind of compensation, leaving them and their families to struggle with poverty.

Here's what to tell your doctor if you get hurt on the job

You were trying to work on the side of a building when the ladder you were on started to move. The coworker who was supposed to be holding it wasn't paying attention, and the ladder slipped out of his hands. Without the extra stability needed, you quickly fell to the ground.

What benefits can you get from Illinois workers' compensation?

Getting injured at work can be a terrifying experience. It can leave you in serious pain and without a source of income until you heal. Similarly, developing a work-related illness can also leave you unable to work while you steadily accumulate medical bills related to your treatment and recovery.

What to do if you are in an accident at work

Working in industries such as manufacturing, construction or landscaping come with many risks that put your health at risk. If you are injured, you may face high medical bills and be unable to work for an extended period of time. You may wonder how you will be able to afford your mortgage or even your weekly grocery bills.

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