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OSHA specifically addresses safety rights of temp workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established rules to protect temporary workers in Illinois and nationwide. Temporary workers sometimes receive incomplete information about job safety because they work for a staffing agency that sends them to perform duties at a host employer. As a result, temporary workers sometimes find themselves in the most hazardous jobs without adequate training. Although employers might expect to dodge safety regulations through the use of temporary workers, the law still requires both staffing agencies and host employers to maintain safe workplaces.

Ladder safety for all workers

Imagine going to work on Monday, ready for a busy week of wire installation at a Chicago construction site. Unfortunately, the installation requires you to spend a significant amount of time on a ladder which is where things can get tricky. As you climb the work ladder for the thousandth time, a rung breaks and you fall. While this may seem like a rare scenario, a ladder fall is actually a daily occurrence.

OSHA's petroleum refinery regulations scaled back

Workers at Illinois petroleum refineries may be concerned about their safety on the job, especially after an administrative review decision that reduced charges against an employer regarding workplace safety violations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration uses safety standards for petroleum refineries that have been challenged on the basis of vagueness. In the case at hand, OSHA fined BP $2,870,000 for violations of Process Safety Management rules for the handling of highly hazardous chemicals at a refinery in Ohio. This included 65 different violations enclosed in one willful citation.

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