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Promoting workplace safety with signs and labels

Illinois companies are required by law to provide employees with a safe place to work. Despite the efforts of OSHA, injuries continue to occur each year. Signs and labels at the workplace play a key role in promoting worker safety. The way that employers communicate the importance of safety to workers is key. A sign or message will not do any good to prevent injuries if it means nothing to the workers. Therefore, utilizing signs, labels and other displays with a clear meaning can go a long way toward reminding workers to use proper precautions.

Technology has evolved to become a great tool for promoting workplace safety. For example, digital signs can be displayed that count the number of days that there have been no accidents encourages workers to stay committed to keeping the workplace accident-free. Technology can also be used to remind workers to use personal protection equipment. For example, technology that detects noise levels can help remind workers to wear noise-protection gear when the level becomes potentially unsafe.

The types of materials used is another important consideration. Some safety markers need to be able to withstand harsh chemicals and other conditions. It is essential for employers to avoid skimping on costs when it comes to promoting safety.

Even very careful workers may experience a workplace accident at some point. If this happens, an attorney may be able to help victims prepare a workers' compensation claim and help to ensure that it contains all required information and that it is filed on a timely basis.

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