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OSHA updates guide for assessing workplace safety

Due to changes in workplace conditions and the nature of employer-employee interactions, OSHA has updated its recommended practices for safety and health programs. Employers in Illinois should know that these updates affect how to identify and assess safety hazards. Thankfully, OSHA provides six action items, or steps, to help employers implement the recommended practices.

Protect your back at work with these safe lifting techniques

If your job in Chicago often involves lifting heavy objects, you probably only feel like it is a matter of time before you start experiencing back pain or suffer a severe injury. When you bend over to lift an item, the natural forward curve of your spine can straighten or even reverse and put extreme pressure on the discs in your spine. This can lead to the discs becoming displaced, herniated or ruptured.

Reviewing the 10 most dangerous jobs in the US

In late 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. The bureau's data on the 10 most dangerous jobs in America should be of interest to both employers and employees in Illinois. While some of the listed jobs are expected, others are not. This shows that all potential causes of danger must be considered to ensure workplace safety.

Training employees to wear safety gear

OSHA guidelines require workers in a range of industries to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, hard hats and safety glasses. However, some Illinois employers may have a hard time getting their workers to wear such equipment. The usual advice is to provide new, more comfortable PPE. When this fails to improve compliance, employers may need to consider the following tips.

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