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What to know about carpal tunnel syndrome

Illinois residents or others who feel numbness or tingling in their arm or wrist could be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs because the median nerve is being squeezed while going through the wrist. The nerve itself starts in the neck, travels through the arm and then connects through the wrist before entering the hand. If treated early enough, the condition could be cured with a simple splint or by making other easy adjustments.

In some cases, surgery could be required to prevent permanent damage. An individual may feel pain or numbness because the synovium swells and takes up space that the nerve generally occupies. There are many different causes of this condition, and genetics may play a role in a person getting carpel tunnel syndrome. Those who use their hands often or engage in activities that require the hand or wrist to bend or flex could also experience symptoms.

Health conditions such as having diabetes or being pregnant can result in an individual getting carpal tunnel syndrome. In many cases, symptoms are gradual at first and then become more severe if no action is taken to correct the problem. Numbness or weakness in the hand could make it difficult to perform fine motor tasks or to hold objects. Pain may radiate from the hand all the way up to the shoulder.

Those who have carpal tunnel or other hand injuries might be entitled to workers compensation benefits to help pay for medical bills or recoup lost wages related to the injury. These injuries may occur through typing, being asked to hold objects or for a variety of other reasons. An attorney may be able to help those who believe that they were hurt at work and need assistance filling out an application for benefits.

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