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You can appeal a denied IL workers' compensation claim

For most of human history, there were few protections in place for workers. Employers could knowingly endanger workers and never incur any kind of penalty. Workers could sustain life-altering or even fatal injuries without any kind of compensation, leaving them and their families to struggle with poverty.

Thankfully, these days, workers' compensation insurance is in place to protect those who work for a living and their family members who depend on them.

Workers' compensation insurance provides medical coverage, lost wage replacement and other benefits when Illinois workers end up hurt or sickened on the job. Workers' compensation covers repetitive motion injuries, traumatic injuries and acquired illnesses, as well as some mental health conditions in certain circumstances. These protections extend to almost everyone who works in the state of Illinois, ensuring that workers don't end up in financial trouble for doing their jobs.

Sometimes, people end up denied benefits that they need

Getting hurt at work through an accident or the negligence of someone else can leave you unable to work for some time. Some people wind up in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility. Others can recuperate at home, even though they are unable to perform the duties of their jobs. These people may have done everything they should have, including following the steps of reporting the accident to their employer, seeking medical treatment and filing a workers' compensation claim.

Then, you end up receiving notice that your claim got denied. That can be frustrating. Other people may have their claim approved, but the amount of benefits is far too low considering the severity of the injury. However, you have the right to appeal that decision, which can help you connect with the benefits you deserve.

Make sure you document everything to support your claim

If you feel that you should receive workers' compensation benefits after a denial or that the amount offered is not appropriate given your situation, filing an appeal in a timely manner can help. However, it's important to know that, in many cases, review upon appeal does not result in a change to the benefits awarded.

Since every claim stems from a unique situation, it is impossible to predict the chances of a successful appeal. Getting professional help when you need it and ensuring that you comply with all paperwork requirements and filing deadlines can improve your chances of success.

You should also carefully document how your injury or illness has impacted your life. Seeking additional documentation from your doctor, securing testimony from coworkers who witnessed the accident or making a record of how your daily life has changed can all help your case as it moves forward.

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