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Construction workers face an increased risk of fatal injuries

Chicago construction workers could be facing more on-the-job hazards. While this industry is known for its inherent dangers involving heavy equipment, machinery and unfinished buildings and trenches, safety procedures can be particularly important in working to avoid catastrophic results. Despite improvements in technology, however, the number of construction workers killed on the job rose by 26 percent between 2011 and 2015. Furthermore, the number of workers killed in specific types of accidents also rose, highlighting particular points of concern.

For example, fatal caught-in and caught-between injuries involving construction workers rose by 33 percent in the same period. Workers under the age of 20 and older workers were those most likely to be killed in these types of serious workplace accidents. In the same four-year period, 800 American construction workers were killed after being struck by vehicles or objects on the job. Of those workers, 18 percent were killed after they were hit by a car or truck, and 51 percent were hit by equipment or objects in free fall on the work site.

Highlighting the concerns, the Associated Builders and Contractors proposed a series of safety steps in a 2018 report on workplace safety. They said that by using their processes to improve safety on the job, contractors could cut the rate of workplace accidents by up to 85 percent and develop a safety record that is 670 percent better than the national average.

When a construction worker is injured on the job, they run the risk of a serious injury with costly medical bills and potential long-term disability. In order to help ensure a fair level of workers' compensation, an injured employee could get help from a lawyer.

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