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Tips For Doctor Visits

Doctor visits may seem like a routine thing for most people, but if you are injured at work, every doctor visit is anything but routine.  Every form you fill out, everything you tell the doctor and every movement you make can have a major impact on your claim.  The basic rules under the Workers' Compensation Act for medical care are under Section 8.

Below I will lay out some important dos and don'ts for doctor visits.  

First, on the first visit to the doctor after your work-injury, you will often be asked to fill out a basic intake form.  This form will often ask how you were injured or why you need to see the doctor.  Make sure you inidcate that you are seeing the doctor for a work-injury.  

Second, once you see the doctor he or she will often ask how you were inured.  Be specific.  Don't simply say you were injured at work.  Give the doctor details of exactly how you were injured at work.  What the doctor writes as to the specifics of your work-injury can win or lose a workers' compensation claim.  

Third, don't exaggerate your symptoms.  Doctor's often make a note in the medical records if they believe a patient is exaggerating their pain symptoms.

Lastly, I want to give a few practical pieces of advice to help you create a good doctor/patient relationship.  Be on time to your appointments; Do not cancel appointments unless it is an emergency; Be honest with your doctor and be nice to your doctor.  

If you follow these basic tips, you will have a much better chance at success with your workers' compensation claim. 

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