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Improvements in safety technology on construction sites

Construction workers in Illinois may be safer if certain types of technology are adopted on their work sites. This is one of the most dangerous industries, and in 2015, more than 900 construction workers around the country died from on-the-job injuries. Around 10 percent of all construction workers are injured on the job each year.

A significant safety improvement has been made to the reversing alarm. Most people are probably familiar with the beeping sound many trucks make when they are backing up. However, on a noisy construction site, it can be difficult to determine where the sound is coming from. Newer reversing alarms make a white noise sound that is easily heard by construction workers even when headphones or other devices are covering their ears. Furthermore, the broadband frequency of these newer alarms make it easier to figure out where they are.

Cameras on vehicles can help reduce or eliminate blind spots and thus the likelihood of a collision with other objects or people. A number of advances have been made to radar technology as well, and these types of systems can also detect people or things in a blind spot despite low-visibility conditions caused by dust or smoke. Radar also has safety applications in related industries such as quarrying and mining.

When construction workers are injured in an accident such as a fall from scaffolding, it may be some time before they are able to return to work. In such a case, workers' compensation benefits can be very important for workers and their families during this time. Most workers are eligible for this type of compensation regardless of whose fault the accident was.

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