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How employers can help older workers stay safe

Workers in Illinois and throughout the country are working later into life. Therefore, employers may need to update their workplace safety plans to account for this. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who were 55 and older accounted for roughly half of all workplace deaths in Minnesota over the past several years. Those who are aged 65 or older have higher workplace death rates than other age groups.

It is important to note that older workers don't necessarily get hurt more often than younger workers. In fact, injury rates among those 55 and older have actually gone down. However, the impact of an injury may be more significant than those the younger workers experience. Furthermore, the number of injuries is going up because the number of workers age 55 and older is increasing. Therefore, the National Center for Productive Aging and Work says that employers should create workplaces that are friendlier to aging employees.

Companies may keep aging workers safe by managing their workloads. They should aim to create roles that allow older employees to make an impact without pushing themselves too hard. This may prevent companies from losing valuable workers because of injuries that force them out of work for long stretches of time or for good. In some cases, simply keeping the parking lot free from ice can prevent serious injuries.

Those who experience an on-the-job injury may wish to inquire about obtaining workers' compensation benefits. An attorney may be able to complete paperwork or help a worker find out why a claim was denied. These benefits might help pay medical bills and other related expenses. Workers may also be able to provide for themselves and their family members by receiving a portion of their salary while out of work.

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