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Why is an attorney useful in a workers' compensation claim?

In concept, workers' compensation seems simple. Employers are required by law to provide coverage for workers hurt on the job. In return for that, workers receiving care under a workers' compensation policy give up the right to sue the employer for the personal injury.

However, workers' compensation in Illinois is not simple. It is expensive, creating an incentive for many employers to try to avoid filing claims or even buy the necessary policy. The issues related to the system in our state are of such a nature that they regularly make political news headlines. Reform battles have been going on for a while and analysts predict they will only get worse as this is an election year for governor.

Politics aside, those experienced in the workers' compensation arena understand that many forces can influence the claims process, and not always for the better. There can be loads of paper work and if the right documents aren't submitted in the proper time period, insurers will use that to issue a denial and delay paying benefits. After all, they do work for the employer and themselves.

As the injured party, you are often not in the right frame of mind or physical state to advocate strongly on your own behalf. In some cases, you might be able to seek compensation from a third party - such as the maker of the machine you were operating at the time of your injury. But whether that option exists depends on conducting a thorough investigation of the events and equipment.

Many resources for how to go about filing a workers' compensation claim can be found through any number of channels, including the internet. But with a qualified legal representative at your side, you can be confident that the full breadth of your interests are being identified and fought for.

All the factors we mention above serve to answer the question why working with a skilled attorney is beneficial to your case. 

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