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Why is an attorney useful in a workers' compensation claim?

In concept, workers' compensation seems simple. Employers are required by law to provide coverage for workers hurt on the job. In return for that, workers receiving care under a workers' compensation policy give up the right to sue the employer for the personal injury.

Breaking the workers' comp process into 5 main steps

Most people associate workplace injuries with particularly hazardous jobs like construction work, mining, truck driving and logging. It's true that these fields tend to have more onsite injuries than others, but workplace accidents can occur in anywhere. If you have been injured at your job, it probably came as a shock: No one goes to work expecting to be harmed.

What benefits can you get from Illinois workers' compensation?

Getting injured at work can be a terrifying experience. It can leave you in serious pain and without a source of income until you heal. Similarly, developing a work-related illness can also leave you unable to work while you steadily accumulate medical bills related to your treatment and recovery.

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